Summer Recreation Parent Packet 2016

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Dear Parents,

It is our pleasure to welcome you and your children to the Butler Summer Recreation program 2016. This year our recreation program will be running for six weeks, from Monday June 27th through Friday, August 5 with 2 additional weeks if you choose to extend. Please take the time to read through the following information.

Hours: 9:00am-­ 3:00pm Please do not drop off your campers off early. Counselors do not go on duty until 9:00am. Please bring your children to the Richard Butler parking lot in the morning for attendance. We also ask at the end of the day you pick up at the same location. If you must pick up early that day we need to know before 2:00pm preferably in writing.

Extended Morning hours: There will be counselors on duty between 7:00-­ 9:00am to meet the needs of our campers who require early morning care. Depending upon the amount of campers signed up for these extended hours, we will designate the proper ratio of counselors to meet this need. Please bring your child to Richard Butler Parking lot to sign them in.

Extended Afternoon hours: Campers can end their day at 4:00, 5:00 or 6:00pm. Campers must be picked up at Stonybrook, weather permitting. A fee of $5.00 per half hour will be charged for any time after the expected pick up time.

Notes: If your child is going to be walking home from camp, going home with someone other than a parent, guardian, or caretaker, PLEASE send a note for permission to do so with your child to alert the counselors of the change. When is doubt please send a note! It is extremely important that our counselors are aware of any new situations in order to ensure the safety of all our campers.

Sign out policy: It is required that all parents/guardians/caretakers sign out their child before leaving extended hour time. Please understand this policy is necessary for the safety of our campers. Any campers who plan on walking home after the extended hour time on a daily basis should bring a signed note from you to their counselor. Once again, if your child will be picked up by someone other than you, or the routine changes in any way, please write a note to the counselor.

Notes: Once a child is picked up from camp, he/she MAY NOT return until the following day.

Lunch: Lunch will be held at Stonybrook at approximately 12:00pm. Please see the attached sheet listing “Camper Specials.” “Camper Specials” must be ordered through the camp. Please send a bagged lunch or lunch money with your camper daily. There are NO GLASS BOTTLES allowed at Stonybrook. Children are not allowed to leave for lunch. Campers will be allowed to buy snacks AFTER swimming lessons are completed.

Swimming: Swimming is a major part of the Summer Recreation experience. ALL children will receive swim lessons from approximately 1:00-­1:45pm with “free swim” afterwards. Swim lessons will be given minimum 3 days for weak swimmers 2 days for average and 1 day for advanced.
PLEASE BE AWARE: If your child (ren) is not going to be swimming because of an illness or for
any other reason you MUST send a note with him/her stating the reason why. While at
Stonybrook, all of our counselors will be instructing swim lessons. On days of cold or inclement
weather swimming lessons will be cancelled.
**All children will be tested by a Water Safety Instructor and placed in lessons based on their
skils. The testing will be administered within the first wek of camp. Based on their skills, we will determine which parts of the lake your child will be permitted to swim in. Swim Group Tags will be given to all children before “Free swim” to alert the counselors and lifeguards of their
swimming skills and pool limitations.

General Camp Information: In order to be prepared for camp everyday, every child should wear and/or bring a bathing suit along with a towel. It may be necessary to send extra drinks on hot days. Please write your child’s name on EVERYTHING! Counselors are not responsible
for any missing items. We DO NOT recommend sending personal gaming devices (Gameboy, PSP, etc.) to camp. We DO NOT permit skateboards, scooters or roller-­blades. We also suggest that you do not send your child to camp with large amounts of money. Attached please find a list of lunch and snack prices for your convenience.

Cell Phones: Cell phone use is not prohibited;; however, we cannot be responsible for any lost or damaged cell phones! In the event of an EMERGENCY, please feel free to call the office.

Having your child wear appropriate summer clothing is important to make Recreation enjoyable
for your child. T-­shirts, shorts, pants, sun hat, and tennis shoes work best. Please DO NOT
dress your child in shoes with heels, shoes with wheels, or dress shoes, or clothing that they are
not allowed to get dirty. Remember, the children enrolled in the summer program are there to

Camper Discipline:
When discipline becomes necessary in camp, we insist that the staff
remember the following:
Staff will always follow the procedures listed below:
1. The counselor will point out to the child exactly what he/she is doing wrong
and what can be done to correct the behavior.
2. If the child does not respond to the above procedure, give him/her one
additional warning and tell the child that continuing the misbehavior will result in
a time out.
3. If the child persists in the misbehavior, institute time out. Time out must be
used as soon as the misbehavior becomes apparent. Do not save up time out for
later or for the next day. The amount of time out will be according to age.
4. If the misbehavior persists, call for assistance from the Camp Director or take
the child to the Camp Directors office.
(However, do not leave the rest of the group unattended).
5. A Director should then talk to the child in order to find out the cause of the
problem and to correct it. If needed the Director should institute a time out in the
office until the child is ready to return to the group.
A staff member will escort the child back to their group.
6. In some cases (depending upon the infraction) a Camp Director may call the
childs parents and ask that the child be removed from camp for the remainder of
the day. A child may also be suspended from the camp for more than one day for
a more serious infraction. In all such cases the Camp Director will contact the
parent and discuss this option.
7. If serious and repetitive misbehavior persists, the Camp Director will contact
the child’s parents and arrange a meeting. The meeting will include at a minimum the
Camp Director(s), and the supervising counselor(s). A child may be asked to leave the camp on
a permanent basis if serious misbehavior continues. Examples which would result in this action
would include aggressive behavior;; a child who consistently does not follow camp rules;;
disruptions that impact the camp experience and/or safety of others. Spitting at others is an
automatic 1 day suspension. We are obligated to tell both sets of parents in these situations.
Camp Staff Will Never:
?Camp staff will never use physical or emotional punishment.
?Camp staff will never delegate discipline to another child.
?Camp staff will never remove camp activities planned for some future time as a
means of discipline.

?Campers will learn to use a personal bullying sign to alert a counselor
?Bullying will mean a time out period and a discussion on how to behave appropriately.
If bullying continues the child’s parents will be called in to discuss the next steps.

Zero Tolerance Policy: Stealing of any kind from any other camper will NOT BE TOLERATED.
If a child is caught stealing he/she will be REMOVED from camp Permanently! NO refund will be given.

Trip Days: All scheduled trips are filled on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis. To secure your child’s spot, please be sure to send in your money as soon as possible. Money will not be refunded in the event that your child does not show up on the day of trip. Please see the attached list of the summer trip schedule.

We are looking forward to a fun-­filled summer with your children! PLEASE remember to read through all the information contained in this packet. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact the Recreation Office at (973) 838-­7045

Megan Johnson
Daniel Soules
Ashley Votor
Assistant Co-­Director

A Camper’s Day
Attendance and lunch count taken. Counselors will take
their group to their designated activity
Campers will participate in different group activities such
as wiffle ball, soccer, football, Frisbee, arts and crafts,
knock hockey and tons more!
11:20-­ 11:45:
Clean up, attendance and walk to Stonybrook
Campers will have lunch and a short time for beach
Attendance will be taken at the picnic tables and groups will be
called for swim lessons. Swim lessons will be roughly 30/45
Free swim/ playground
2:20-­ 2:30:
Campers will arrive to picnic tables for attendance
2:30-­ 3:00:
Campers will return to their groups, clean up, line up and walk
back to the Richard Butler School parking lot. Campers getting
picked up at 3:00pm and not staying for extended hours must be picked up at this time!
Extended Hours:
7:00-­8:45: Campers will arrive at the Richard Butler school parking lot and be signed in by their
parents. Activities will be set up for the children everyday. (BAD WEATHER PLEASE DROP
3:00-­6:00: Children staying during the extended hours will stay at
Stonybrook to enjoy swimming and beach activities. Attendance will be taken and they will be
assigned to a counselor for the remaining time at Stonybrook. At 5:45, the horn will sound and
all remaining campers will return to the picnic area to clean up, pack their bags, and prepare
REMINDER: All parents/caretakers/guardians who will be picking up their campers from the
extended day program will always pick up at Stonybrook, weather permitting. They must also be

Participants are required to bring a lunch, or money to purchase lunch. We ask that you pack
foods that do not require refrigeration. You may want to pack their items with a cold freezer pack
if necessary. We also ask that you clearly label your child’s lunch each day with her/his full
name. We recommend a water squeeze bottle be brought for use during activities.
If your child would like to purchase lunch, options available from the snack stand include
Chicken Nuggets, Hot Dog, Grilled Cheese, or Turkey and Cheese that are $5.00 and will be
ordered every morning.

Field Trips
Week 1: Bow tie Cinemas: Finding Dory: includes movies popcorn drink and fruit
Price: $15.00
Time: 9:00-­12:00

Week 2: Medieval Times: Includes Lunch
Price: 45.00
Time:10:00-­ 2:30

Week 3: Turtle Back Zoo : bagged lunch is required
Price: $15.00
Time: 9:00-­ 2:30

Week 4: T Bowl Lanes: Lunch included
Price: $20.00
Time: 10:00-­12:30

Week 5: Liberty Science Center: Bagged Lunch is required
Price: $25.00
Time: 9:00-­2:30

Week 6: Skyzone: Lunch will be when we return
Price: $15.00
Time: 9:30-­12:30: Snacks available for purchase

Week 7: Skylands: Lunch included
Price: 20.00
Time: 10:00-­12:30

Video game truck and super large connect 4 July 19, 2016 for 7 and up: $10.00
Lil Aprons July 22, 2016: $10.00